A world where all children have a Bright Start in life enabling them to reach their full potential


We work collaboratively with all who share our passion to deploy actionable strategies to optimize children’s physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development

Spotlight on our work

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Promoting optimal parenting 

Promoting optimal parenting for young children and introducing evidence-based best practices to empower parents throughout the region. A multi-year project pursuing an integrated and comprehensive approach for linking parents, early childhood educators & allied healthcare professionals to improve the developmental trajectories of children from birth to age five

 Making Children’s Voices Heard

The Voices of Children project aims to enable young children from across the world to capture moments in time, highlight their creativity, share their art and tell the world what is special to them. The 2022 Voices project involved over 1500 children in 12 countries 

 ”No child should be treated unfairly on any basis” 

A measurable, play-based, inclusion model to create systemic, life-altering, and sustainable change.

Main components include:

  • High quality, evidence-based training 
  •  Inclusive Playgrounds in schools and community settings

Early Years Excellence in Practice 

Consistent with our goal to improve the quality of early childhood care and education across the world, the Annual Bright Start International Conference brings together the leading international experts in early childhood to provide state of the art and state of the science training in how to best nurture the hearts and minds of today’s young children